Thursday, October 22, 2009

foamies/ real life drawings/ great wall climbing

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero. ~Marc Brown

I have admitted defeat with messy craft and Jared :) He just isnt into messy, painty craft unless Jumeirah is around. So I am trying to plan some different activities for him that are fun and challenging and something that can be just for him whilst Amahli is asleep and Jumeirah is at preschool.
We started the day building the worlds biggest Thomas track ( ok so maybe not the worlds biggest but it was pretty huge and it took us ages) in the loungeroom. We talked about the colours of the engines, counted how many pieces of track we used. We then worked together to change all the batteries in the engines. It was fun and engaging and he loved it :)
He was then happy to sit and do a sticking activity. Foam stickers are thick and easy to use for little fingers ( it does need help with taking the backing off but they are easier to as they dont tend fold over and stick to themselves as normal stickers do) and also very cheap ( I get mine off ebay). This made for a great counting activity.


When Amahli woke up she and Jared were more than happy to totally destroy the track we had spent ages doing. A knock on the door distracted me and I left them to it. 5 minutes later I returned to this scene:

The old mattress that was replaced this week had been propped against the window as we didnt have blinds. As the blinds went in today, the mattress was propped against the bed. It made for a fantastic slide :)

Jumeirah was a bit wild when she returned from preschool so I sent her outside for some hill rolling and trampolining. When she was suitably worn out I gave her some pencils and encouraged her to draw. She went into the kitchen and got her camel money box and set herself up on the outside table for some "real life" pictures. Se did pretty well too!

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