Saturday, October 17, 2009

whats in your house?/tracing/drawing for babies

Let's Explore

I found this great idea from a website I subscribe to called "Lets Explore". Its great to get ideas from new places! I keep them in a seperate file on my computer for those " help my brain is gone" days....

Anyway, this idea was really easy and got Jumeirah to work on her counting and adding skills and also kept her busy whilst I unpacked yet another box :) Jared was happy today to help daddy water again so he wasnt interested as much. Goodness knows what will happen next week when he goes back to work! Will have to be super organised :)
I printed off the PDF from Lets Explore and gave it to Jumeirah with the instructions that she needed to tally up everything on the list: how many bathrooms, how many beds, how many windows etc. and she happily set off. She has some trouble in writing numbers as we havent done a lot of practising with them so we will continue number activities throughout the week.

I have also been realising that my youngest monkey ( whos about the somehow turn ONE!) is really interested in everything Jumeirah and Jared are doing. So I have started to allow her to experiment with textas and pencils as well as the painting she did last week. Strapped into her high chair not only is fantastic as she cant go anywhere and for 5 minutes shes not climbing my legs, but I am also not finding lidless textas on a lounge or random steaks along the walls! She is one happy contained explorer :) ITs also great for her to practise pulling off lids which is her current favourite thing to do.

The other thing I did recently was something very specific for my poor perfectionist child who cant have anything less than exactly how its supposed to be . Jumeirah wanted to draw a picture of a mermaid for her beloved preschool teacher. Only she couldnt draw the head properly. After three growls and a number of crashes into bin I realised she was throwing them away in frustration and thought of a way I could help.

rescued from the bin, this one had a wonky arm too

I talked to her about what she didnt like in her picture and apparently she couldnt get the head right. So instead of throwing them away, I introduced the very simple process of tracing. I got her to trace the parts of her mermaid she did like and then redo the head without tracing. She was much happier with this and quite enjoyed copying her picture. She then painted it, which luckily turned out perfect the first time :)

"a beautiful mermaid in a rainbow ocean"

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