Thursday, October 1, 2009

letter writing

Do you like getting mail? For me, its the highlight of my day :) Ok well Im not quite that pathetic but I do really love getting mail. No not the bills and boring stuff, but I love catalogues, postcards, and at the moment, anything thats coming from Centrelink :)

My kids also love getting mail. Ma and Pa sometimes send little packages of stickers or a postcard and its always met with wild enthusiam. Well this morning, Jumeirah got a enveloped letter addressed to HER (Miss Jumeirah which she was thrilled about). And so she opened and read this out:

"Dear Miss B,
It has been 6 months since we last saw you. We would love for you to visit us again soon......."
Yep, its from the dentist

Jumeirah: "Wow Mum isnt it lovely he remembered me. Im going to write him a letter back."
And so that whats she did :)
( shes decided to go next year):)
how cute is this open mouth??

And I was thinking, does anyone want to be involved in a postcard swap? As in, we send one to you and you send one to us? Could make for a fun activity!!

Post below if you are interested and I will sort something out. You dont have to have kids to be involved either ;)

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