Saturday, October 24, 2009

photo magic

I cant believe my littlest angel is about to turn 1, and yet in the last few weeks shes changed so much. Shes now walking at great speed, shes climbing, she acts just like Jumeirah in so many ways.... and so we are planning to PARTY!

I like to make my own invites. Its cheaper and I love the personal look. Plus is pretty easy too!
I have recently found an awesome website that not only fancifies my photos but also is great for creating easy but really effective invitations :)
The website is called Picnik and I have used it a bit for editing my favourite photos. You can use it for free but to open all areas of the site you have to pay. I am not quite up to needing that bit yet. :)
Here are some of the cool things you can do:

Simple editing like turning things to black and white

This is actually fancy focus black and white.. i love it with the rose in the middle

turning photos to sepia

Then there are all manner of fancy editing. Here are my favourites:


this effect is called is called "orton ish" is absolutely awesome with the right photo

effect called: Holga ish

Plus you can stitch them together to make a simple collage to make a great invite :)

I printed this little collage out and then on the back printed the details of her party. I am going to laminate the t wo sides together and add a magnet so it can go on the fridge!

have a see for yourself!!

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