Friday, October 2, 2009

kids taking photos

Jumeirah was helping to clean out a cupboard when she came across an old camera of mine and raced off to take some "photos". She came back asking why she couldnt see the photos on the back. I told her it was a film camera, " back when I was a girl, we didnt have digital cameras, we had to use a film and we couldnt see what the photo was like until it was printed..." oh I sounded so old :)

I remember how excited I was to get my first camera. But I couldnt waste the film as then I had to pay for it..when the roll was finished I had to wait days for it to be processed. I can still remember how excited I was when first overnight printing came in and then not too long after it only took an hour!! So different from today! I take a million photos for a few good shots and and so lucky I can hit delete :) Trouble is I hardly ever print them off!

Anyway, I decided to let her have a turn at my smaller digital camera and see how she went with it.

After spending 15 minutes chasing Jared around and annoying him no end, she found a few interesting the end of her photography session, she was working out how to get closer, how not to cut off heads ( my mum still does it :) ) ( yes you do mum), and how to take photos of little things. Here are her photos. half headed Jared

her self portrait of of her feet ( I think this is a cool photo and I dont really know why!)

through the bushes

Jared in the "no more!" pose
Ariels unfortunate misadventure

Our gold lady bug

Give your kids a go at taking some photos. The results are quite surprising!

The best thing we found today was a gorgeous gold lady bug. Jumeirah is teaching Jared how to hold creatures carefully so that you dont scare them or hurt them.


I took this photo of the girls today. It was a great little scene of them playing together which is happening more and more often... Jumeirah is learning that Amahli just wants to be with her, Amahli is slowly learning how to "play" and not just "destroy". I love watching them :)

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