Monday, October 19, 2009

threading/shades of purple/Slime/ hill fun

busy busy BUSY day...

With all thats been going on the last few weeks, and with Daddy at home, crafty stuff has taken a bit of a back burner. Which has been nice except that this morning we had to get back into it. And boy did we do that!

With Tim off to work, I had three little ducks who wanted something to do. " fun, painty, different" ( why different I ask?? I love the old stuff!) and so we began...

Jumeirah was happy to start with some threading. The best thing about moving house is all the boxes you have at the end! Provides lots of lovely thick caradboard. Instead of the typical stitching today, I taught her to back stitch which she did really well. We sticky taped the end of the wool to help it pass through the holes easier.

We then moved onto painting at Jareds request. Today was a free painting but we experimented with different shades, talking about how colours change when adding white to them, making them lighter.
We also tried to name as many different colours of purple we could think of: indigo, purple, lilac, mauve.... Jared used his paint brush as a frog jumping on the page, complete with sound effects :) Jumeirahs painting of "the wind"

Jareds "Frog jumping" painting

I then tried something I have wanted to do with them for AGES. I knew I had to tread carefully as this is a really messy activity :) Its called Slime and its made out of Lux Flakes ( found in Coles). It was a bit of trial and error as I couldnt remember the recipe completely but it made for a bit of science discovery as well.

3 cups of water
2 cups of lux flakes
And so we began to beat the daylights out of this stuff... the whisk, forks, and finally I pull out the big guns and use my new electric beater. None of these really gave the desired "slime" effect, just lots of froth ( which made for awesome "cuppucinos").

And so we tried again, figuring that maybe it wasnt disolving and we needed the water to be hot. This time we used boiling water.
3 cups boiling water
2.5 cups lux flakes

Yup thats the way to do it :)

No one was keen to go for this one (of course), but I had a ball squeezing this gunk through my hands. Jumeirah didnt want to use her hands but she had a wonderful time making cuppucinos, then using all sorts of pouring and spooning things to transfer the first mixture into various bowls.

And, with only a little bit of encouragement, she had a go at playing in the gloopy slime :) This stuff is really fun ! I tinted the second lot so we can see what happens to the two mixures when left overnight.

( Jared left us after he saw me start using my hands and headed to the not-so-messy playdough).

And the last thing we did today was to try out the slope of our new grass hill. Jumeirah and Jared have been trying out rolling balls down it and rolling the trucks down it, but today Jumeirah got game and tried sitting on the truck to go down it :) SO MUCH MORE FUN!

Even Amahli had a go thanks to Daddy :)

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