Wednesday, October 14, 2009

simple things

This week of moving has been very full on but in the midst of all this, I still needed to find some normality for our kids... simple stuff that was hopefully not too messy and easy to clean up.


Stickers are AWESOME! They are cheap, easy, quiet and fun. I get mine off ebay at at couple of dollars for pages of them. Its one of those activities I dont get out often so its always met with excitement ( stickers are the best in church too!).

The thing with stickers is sometimes its hard for little fingers to pull off so I have started to take off the outside sticky bit,leaving just the stickers... and its much easier!

Just be careful when daddys are around... what started off as a lovely, quiet, self involved activity using stickers and paper, quickly became " hey I know whats fun, lets stick them on ourselves!" Hmmmm....

We made a stage outside too... my kids love performing. Not usually for anyone but themselves, I was lucky enough to have front tickets to this show. ( often I am asked very politely to please leave the room so this was a real priviledge :) ) Shows are easy to set up and dont require many props. I started creating this play years ago with Jumeirah by just announcing " And now, ladies and gentlemen, its the JUMEIRAH SHOW!" and she just took it from there :) Jared is just starting to enjoy this more often but he was happy just to watch her take the stage...

Amahli has had the best time in the bark chips :) So much easier than a sandpit as it brushes off and its easy to clean up, she doesnt get to eat as much of it so it will last longer too! Shes able to transfer handfuls of the stuff between containers, buckets and trucks so shes developing all those tiny muscles in her hands which will be great for handwriting and shes also developing great hand eye co ordination and its keeping her busy for ages which is great! Anybody got some other simple tricks to keep kids busy??

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