Saturday, October 3, 2009

spray painting

Well finally we have made it to the end of our life as renters... HIPHIP HOORAY!
Our house is just about done, carpet was being finished today, still waiting for my splashback/clothesline/grass/fence but we are allowed to move in :) Big shift is planned for next tuesday so its highly unlikely that I will be blogging for a few days until I am settled somewhat. BUT I will be moving my facebook notes over to here so you can still have a daily fix :)

See you soon!!


What do you do with a boy whose not really into craft??? Jared and I have two days a week where Jumeirah is at preschool and on those days, we have about 2 hours (on a good day) where Amahli is asleep... I really wanted to make this a special time for him and me. In reality, if it was up to him, we would watch two hours of Thomas :) But having done copious amounts of cool stuff with Jumeirah when she was two, it was time I found some things for him to enjoy. Every morning as I do Jumeirahs hair, Jared mans the spray bottle to help tame the wild curls. He loves to spray and often sprays much more than her hair, also including me, Amahli, the dog which is quite a hilarious game. so I, with some trepidation, decided to create a craft for him to spray to his little hearts content :) Dressed in old clothes, I filled two spray bottles with water and food colouring.

OUTSIDE, I hung up large sheets of paper and allowed him to spray. He wasnt sure he wasnt going to get into trouble but soon got right into it. We talked about the colours and how the paint ran down the wall ( its ok it was washable) and we even allowed some of the flowers to change colour :)

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