Sunday, October 25, 2009

going on a "date" :)

I took Jumeirah to her first "transition to big school" day this week and I realised that my carefree days with her are numbered. All too soon she will be joining the big school ranks and really she seems very excited about it, she knows what type of uniform she wants, and already wanted to stay longer and play last week. I am dreading though having to give her up 5 DAYS A WEEK to someone else. I also am not keen on hearing the never ending praise of " the best teacher in the world" ( I already have had this all year with "Amy" who actually is the best teacher in the whole world. :) ) I am nervous about the influences I will have to fight against to have my opinions and values, that I have spent nearly 5 years nailing into her, still be important. And yes, I know I am possibly just an anal mum who is having trouble letting go, but I have abosolutely loved having her around, all day every day.

I wanted to do something special with just her today. ( she actually would have preferred daddy " cos you can always come another time mum" but in the end it was me who went which I was pleased about!). And seeing as she has slept in her own bed for 16 days now, I took her to a fancy resturant on the water.
She was pretty excited... what shes heard about this place is that you can feed the fish while sitting at the table! And lucky for us we got a corner table with a spectacular view. And so we ordered our lunch, went and fed the fish ( bit windy to do it at the table), watched the pelicans, talked to the lobsters in the tank, got excited at the dolphins.... and chatted. My Oh my how this little girl is growing up. I love that she has such amazing ideas and opinions on so many things that are quite different from mine. I love that she is one of the best conversationalists I know. ( yes that she gets from me)
We had such a lovely time. And so shes planning another one, for next month.

"And guess what Mum? I think I'll take you again". :)

icecream and jelly hearts for dessert :)

dolphin! view from the table

(day off tomorrow, see you tuesday!)

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