Tuesday, October 27, 2009

dot monsters/cheerio fun

Oh how I love the rain.... I love watching it, walking in it and sleeping snuggled in bed listening to it.My children seemed to have taken on this same love. And so this morning I had trouble getting anyone enthused about anything but sitting outside in our lovely undercover area watching the rain.
Jumeirah, in her gorgeous quirky nature, was snuggled up in the camel blanket, complete with head covering "so my head band doesnt get wet". hmmm ok :)
Amahli was more content to see how far she could push me by taking mad dashes out onto the grass.. crazy baby.

Over breakfast we talked about what they wanted to do today, which was " nothing today mum". I absentmindedly was fiddling with some wool I had planned to find some use for and began to thread their cheerios onto it. "Hey! we could do that! Then we could eat them!" And so I wrapped the end in sticky tape to make for easier threading and instead of eating breakfast, we threaded it :)

Cheerio threading
Cheerios are quite small but Jared was able to thread five on before realising he was never going to get to eat them anytime soon so he stopped.
Jumeirah, who absolutely loves those lolly necklaces, decided the more she threaded, the more she could eat at the end. So she just kept on threading...when she'd finally finished she took her cheerio snake to munch on. Unfortunately, wool and cheerios arent really a good combination so she de-threaded it and ate them from a bowl :)

In the afternoon, I put out some textas for free drawing for Jared and Amahli, and started to show Jumeirah a cool idea I found.

Dot Monsters

Fairly simple concept... draw 20-30 dots on a page ( we did 20 which was plenty)
Join them together with straight lines.
Transform into a monster ( or really whatever your child can see in the shape)
Add legs, teeth, arms, horns.. whatever takes their fancy.

I totally thought this wouldnt work, mine turned out very average unsurprisingly ( I cant draw to save myself)
But hers was awesome!
Heres the straight lines....

And she turned it into a Pterodactyl!! How I dont know cos I didnt "see" it until she had filled in the other parts. Clever cookie :)

Have a go at this simple drawing activity! See if you can post so I can see them :)

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