Thursday, December 31, 2009

salad spinner painting

Sparkler fun :) Amahli trying to blow it out

And so another year comes to an end.... more resolutions are made, only to be broken tomorrow :)...... and so it goes...

We are having a quiet night tonight. Its nice to not be racing around as usual ( we did do dinner at the inlaws so ther was mild running aroundedness when tired children hit their walls) and its a really peaceful night.
Its good to be drifting into a new year rather than assulting it :)

Today I let Amahli have her turn at the paint acitivity I set for the older two yesterday, with the "my First Stampers" set she got for christmas. She was totally taken by the feel of the tools, looks like I will have to do another sensory paint experience for her soon. She did do a bit of painting on the paper but alot of time was spent running her fingers through the painty brushes.

For Jared and Jumeirah, I got out a craft I have sene heaps before but never done, a paint experience using a salad spinner. Now I have never used my spinner, mum bought it for me and really, by the time I remember I have it, the lettuce is dry :)
And so we tested out this craft ( its ok its washable paint so we can spin lettuce again sometime) of Salad Spinner Painting.

Putting a circle cut to the size of the inside of the spinner, we also added paint ( we tried a few different methods to find one that worked the best: food colouring, watered down paint and normal undiluted paint) and then attached the lid. With a few pulls of the lever the spinner set to motion and noise, which Jared thought was hilarious.

Some turned out ok, none were quite as effective as I would have liked but its a fun activity anyway. Anybody done this before and have some hints??
We will try this again until it works!!

Jumeirah asked for "something else to do" and I got out the scraps from her Fabric Dollhouse ( the plastic insert bits) and she had a lovely time threading in and out of the plastic holes with one of my doll needles and thread. She spent quite awhile doing this, trying to make patterns and trying not to stab herself with the needle :)

When Amahli came and interupted her ( basically pulling the whole thing out of her hands whilst screeching for Jumeirah to come entertain her) she put it down and let Amahli drag her away (for a 1 year old, she pretty determined to get what she wants. Funniest thing lately is her obsession with daddys hat. He has to be wearing it at all times. He was trying to sleep in this morning and she came storming in screeching with his hat in hand.. he put it on and went back to sleep).

10 minutes later... this is what comes into view

to be quickly followed by this :)

Crazy kids :)

Happy New Year!!!!

I havent forgotten about the promise of a give away.. just need to catch up with myself and its on :)

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