Thursday, December 10, 2009

calico angels part 1

Is not a kiss the very autograph of love?
Henry Finck

Jumeirah has spent all of this year being loved and encouraged at preschool by two lovely teachers and a whole gang of new friends. This was a tricky year for me, letting her go and be apart from me for two whole days a week ( yeah lets not mention next year ok??). Its not something I really enjoyed but she has come along way this year and has become a more confident, happy and social little girl.
I wanted to say thanks to these two teachers but didnt want to get the usual teacher gifts ( soap packs, chocolates, note pads) that they will get stacks of. I wanted something we had made together but something simple ( its all about being simple :) )
And so, I dug out this idea I havent done in about 15 years but it was good then and its going to be great now!
Its a Christmas angel. Something they can hang on the tree, and when it comes out of the box each christmas with the christmas decos hopefully they will remember my sweet little one :)
Its fairly simple and doesnt require too many bits and pieces...

What you'll need:

Calico ( for an angel you'll need one strip about a metre long and 20cm wide, and another piece should be a metre long and 60cm wide)

ribbon ( you'll see what you'll need for this bit tomorrow)


A hot glue gun ( normal glue will work but its heaps easier for it to stick fast) ( really fast)

How to do it

Take the bigger of the two pieces of calico and snip all the way along the longer side ( down the metre length) making snips about 2cm apart.

Tear down these snips to make long strips.

At this point, I run my thumb down the middle of these strips to remove all the access loose threads ( it tidys it all up) and lay them in a pile.

Repeat the snipping, tearing and dethreading process with the smaller piece of calico. Also put these into a pile, keeping aside three strips.

With the shorter pile, tie a strip around each end and tie in a knot. These have become the arms and shoulders.

Pick up the longer pile and fold in half. In the half way point, put the arms you have just constructed ( hard to type but look at the photo for better idea).

Adjust so the arms are even coming out of both sides.

Tie the last strip you left out around the waist of the angel.

And you know have the beginnings of your (currently headless) ANGEL!

Tomorrow I will do the head, ribbons and (hopefully if time allows) the hair.

And she will be done :)

As well as this today, I spent a good deal of time watching and laughing with my littlest crazy one in her paddling pool. She truly has fins, this one :) And dimples to match...

(see I told you I would do two today!!)

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