Tuesday, December 1, 2009

felt flower garden

Chance made us siblings, hearts made us friends :)

( how these three melt me)

Today was a great day :) First day of summer here and its been the coolest day we've had in ages! Had the blankie up Amahli to go for a walk this morning even!

Today, after taking Jumeirah to preschool and putting Amahli to bed, Jared and I pottered. I got stuck into the cleaning, he got stuck into (literally) the stickers :)

I have hearly finished all the paraphanalia for Jumeirahs birthday... two more fairy skirts were done, the two that I almost ruined I managed to save, Rosalina got another dress ( still not quite right but its getting there).... and I almost have finished this one last surprise for her birthday: A Felt Flower Box.
I found an awesome blog of a lady with great ideas and even better tutorials. I loved the cake idea but then found this.

Jumeirah is mad keen on flowers and often asks me to cut some so she can arrange them in vases. This cool idea will keep her busy for ages :)

And so I traipsed off the Bunnings for thin dowel and happened on a pool noole from clark rubber. (somewhere in her tutorial she said she had seen it done with a noodle rather than the foam and seeing as the foam was really expensive I went with this instead).

I cut all the flowers and sewed them last night, inserted the dowels and covered them today. I think they look really cute. Husband thought they were a bit too long stemmed so for some of them I made shorter stems. I wished I had more time so I could do a better job but it still looks good.

If only I could put all my kids on pause for a whole 8 hours I would get so much more done... :)

I need to fix the box somehow, I havent been able to find a wooden one so a cardboard one will do.

I also tried to get a nice christmas photo to go our cards... thought I should start now cos it will take me all week to get a good one.
This is day One:

And tonight we started our Advent fun from the calendar we made. Tonights fun: dancing to Christmas music. OH SUCH FUN. Its amazing how connected you feel as a family when you do things like this together. Normally after dinner, we tend to all drift to our own things in the quiet time before bed. But tonight was crazy and fun and dancy and we all had a ball.

I cant wait to see what we will be doing tomorrow!

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  1. I vote for picture number one! I LOVE THE DIMPLES!