Wednesday, December 16, 2009

simple outdoor play spaces

Today was another hot day,but another fun and cruisy day :) ( I am mildly panicking about what lies around the cruisy corner but trying very hard not to think about it too much).

I set up last night a great little outdoor play spaces for this morning, trying to encourage them to be outside when its cooler rather than in the heat of the day.
And so they came out to this :)

a little house with a garden

a shop/resturant

I didnt use many props except for the flower garden next to the house and a semi set table with a few things to put in the shop. I was surprised that Jared was the first one to find this and yelled for Jumeirah to come and look.
They were totally involved in this for ages and came back to it again in the afternoon.

Amahli was more than happy to pick and replant all the flowers :)

Outdoor play spaces dont need to have many things for kids to be engaged in it. I often just put out blocks and some cars and Jared makes roads and cities, or I put a sand tray with a few dinosaurs and Jumeirah is transported back in time where dinosaurs couldnt find the shops (?) or drowned in lava... Just being outside is often what triggers more involved play, being in the fresh air and having toys that dont normally come outside out. ( I must admit, i am a bit anal with keeping toys clean when they are outside but mostly my kids know and are careful not to rock my obsessive boat :) )

Jumeirah also started on her christmas present for Gran today. We got the idea from Deep Space Sparkle and it looks fantastic! Hopefully will get finished this week... last day of preschool tomorrow!!!

Tonight I started on a project I am doing for Jumeirah for Christmas. I found it at this blog and was amazed at how many people have made them and how great they have turned out. Actually I am wondering when it will start to go wrong as I totally cant see how its going to work, but for right now, its really cute :)
Will keep you posted.

how cute is this fabric!

Has anyone made one of these??

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