Wednesday, December 2, 2009

simple fun in bug catching

Im finding mornings tricky to get going lately, late nights and midnight visits from a variety of kids is not really helping in trying to get out of bed. So I decided to help myself out.
The preschool teacher in me always loved to be super organised when kids arrived for the day. Everything was set out ready to go. The mother in me also loves this concept and its one that WORKS ( Well for me anyway!) in our house too. The night before, I set up some activities for all three kids. No paint or anything too messy as it has to be things they can do completely themselves.
Heres what mine looked like this morning.

It is fantastic :)

I came out and all three are totally engrossed in their own activity. No tv on, no fights, I got breakfast all done, swept the floor, had my own breakfast, all before anyone even noticed I was up. BLISS :)

Well I have hit panic stations here... its the night before Jumeirahs birthday and things kinda fell apart. Stupid stupid stupid sewing machine wont sew me a top for the gorgeous doll I made for her weeks ago, I have now made 6 of them and none work :( Finally finished one about 10 minutes ago and it goes with the fairy skirt and will have to do until I can con someone into making one for me:)

The dirt I made for the flower bed also isnt cooperating and so I had to paint one ( lucky for me I had a huge random piece of foam.. probably from the felt cakes i was going to make) which looks ok and at least does the job I need it to do.

I didnt do much with the kids around today as we had an awesome play with some friends. 3 mums, 6 kids, one seriously toy-exploded house = LOTS OF FUN. It was refreshing to chat like an adult for a few minutes and watch happy kids play :)

After that, Jumeirah and Jared asked for their bug catchers they got receently from Ma and Pa and went off into the yard exploring. Jumeirah came back with a tiny moth and so we googled about moths and how they live. I got her some paper and asked her to draw it so she would remember it after she had to let it go.

Her drawings change so much from day to day. Some are two second, quick and messy which I try very hard not to comment badly on, and some are like this one where she even has puffy sleeves and has gone into more detail. We thought that throughout the next week we would collect more bugs from our garden to make into a book. I am kinda dreading what we'll find but it could be interesting!

Whats in your garden??

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  1. GARDEN? ME? Well, um, I do NOT have fairies (drat)! I have 2 baby pomegranates on my tree, some mint, some basil and 6 mystery trees grown from 3 orange and 3 lemon seeds. Since it was a shocker that they came up, it's going to be even more surprising to see what they ARE! I love Amahli sitting on the floor with her stuff - toooo cute!