Tuesday, December 15, 2009

playdough for babies/ the joy of jelly AGAIN

Oh yes she looks sweet... but shes planning to take over the world :)

Tuesday... a fairly ordinary day mostly but it had moments that I will save and store for when the tricky days hit :) A day when I realise how lucky I am that I can be home with my kids while they learn all they can from me and our daily life.

It started out with a great set out the night before and I had set the table up with a few activities to start the day with. Setting these activities on the dining room table is a new trick I have found works so much better as Amahli cant destroy anything they start, nor can she reach to ruin it before they get to it!

Today we had a simple painting, playdough, drawing, and dinosaurs. All things they can do themselves, giving me a tiny window of time to gather and prepare myself for a day.

One was playdough which we have had out for a while. Playdough and me, well, we have a love/hate relationship. I love playdough when it comes out the right colour, doesnt smell burnt, and when played with, stays on the table. I hate the stuff when it travels to every possible corner of my house, and ends up in the carpet/down the lounge/across the tv screen. I hate it when it hides itself until my husband enters the room and then attaches itself to the bottom of his shoe so it can travel faster around the house and cause yet more havoc.
Today is was a nice, good playdough. And better yet, all three kids were totally engrossed in it.

Amahli at 13 months old, has never really had much experience with playdough. She is the worst culprit at playdough transporting so I havent really given her much of a go. But having planned this last night, I was able to work out a better idea and I strapped her into a higher chair so she couldnt escape with it. Worked a treat plus she was up next to the other two kids and she was thrilled. These are this mornings creations.

They chatted non stop to each other about cakes. Amahli yabbling about something dramatic (we think), Jared singing "happy birthday" at full throttle, and Jumeirah planning her NEXT birthday cake :)

Jareds request for today was jelly. This kid cannot get enough of the stuff. And recently, hes been wanting to be more involved in making it. So whilst Jumeirah was at preschool, I let him do this, just him and me. And I was surprised at how many of the steps he remembered without me prompting ( ok, I know its only jelly, but there are about 5 steps, two different types of water, two lots of pouring, stirring...its pretty involved for a two year old!) and was more than happy to do it himself. He was able to open the packet, tip it into a bowl he found in the cupboard, of course taste testing, stirring, adding water, and finally did his first jelly pour into the cups he also found in the cupboard.

He was so proud of himself, he went and found my phone to call daddy :)

Time to try him on a stir fry, yes??? :)

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