Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas gifts

We drove around tonight looking at Christmas lights.. Jared would have let me drive to Sydney to find more he was so awed by them :)

So often at Christmas children are asked " Whats santa bringing you for Christmas?" or What do you want for Christmas?" and so its fairly understandable that they dont really get that Christmas is also about giving. In fact, for me, this is the most fun part of all. I love searching to find the perfect gift, wrapping it and barely being able to stop myself from showing them early what I had found for them. Its really whats powered me on in my quest to make each of my kids something special for Christmas thats just from me. And whilst these gifts have been tricky and at times almost thrown through windows, they are made because I have been blessed with these three wonderful gifts.

During the week, at random times, I told Jumeirah and Jared that they should think if there was anything they wanted to buy or make for someone this Christmas with no a great deal of response.
Today, I gently reminded Jumeirah that is was Christmas Eve and that tomorrow we would be giving gifts to our family and relatives. She turned to me with a very worried look as it dawned on her that she hadnt finished any of her thingss (oh so like her mother), and she hadnt even bought anything for her relatives. I told her that maybe she could make something instead. And so she raided the craft cupboard and went to work. From 8.30am until almost midday this little, thoughtful child made the most beautiful pictures and collages, deciding what each person would like most and then created it. And I realised that she understood that Christmas is just as fun to give as it is to get. She laminated some, we raced out and bought frames for two of them, some went into envelopes, and all were made with care and love. I was so proud and touched at the effort she has gone to.

My busy bee

Spongebob and his gang for Uncle Andrew

Scarecrow in the field for Gran

A princess, prince and castle for Grandma

( and there are 8 more just like these ones :) )

I know that tomorrow as I she gives out these little works of art, that she too will know that sense of joy at making Christmas special for someone else.
May Christmas for you be a time of love and sharing, giving and recieving, but most of all, a time to remember that we were given the best gift from God: a life that has meaning and purpose, a hope for a future unseen and place beside Him forever. What else could you want??
Merry Christmas!! See you next week!!

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