Sunday, December 6, 2009

how to host a fairy party

christmas toes... one of the activities on our Advent Calendar:)

Well party time is OVER. Finally I can relax... and get ready for Christmas :) Whos idea was it to have these kids all at this time of year?? crazy!

Anyway, the party yesterday was really fun. And, as it normally happens, I didnt really need to go to any trouble to do things as Daddy had the entertainment happening with box sliding down the hill :) Isnt that always the way???
Jumeirah was the only one who wore a home made skirt, jared was the only wing wearer *sigh* although I did manged to get Amahli in one briefly :)

The girls were very excited to paint the plaster moulds, some completing three or four.

We then played on the slide until I realised that we only had 45 minutes left of party and hadnt had food, pressies, cake, or any of the games I so carefully prepared. And so we ate, made fairy bracelets, did pressies and with 5 minutes to go, we did the cake. Which, I have to admit, looked awesome :) Considering I lost the bottom of the cake tin last week making the fairy skirts ( made for a great template!) I had a few tired fairies and two tired but happy parents at the end.
And that was all that mattered :)

This week there should be lots of cool stuff posted on here: another christmas card idea, calico angels, another Waldorf babe to make ( OH NO!) and lots of other fun stuff.

Make sure you check it out!!

And a little secret... my very first giveaway is coming up! So make sure you know how to post comments so you dont miss out!!


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