Tuesday, December 22, 2009

fabric house FINISHED second waldorf doll FINISHED

The most beautiful wall art :)

ACK! Its 11.37pm..Its a short one for you tonight... still hard at it but have had a small but significant breakthrough..

Look at whats happened here :)


Jumeirahs fabric underwater doll house

Not even an early morning Spastic O' Clock could dampen me today :)

These two were nailing each other with huge bouncing things, screaming with laughter, until of course, the inevitable tears came. I quickly gave them some outdoor paint and they happily created this on the fence.

Jared absolutely loved this painting today :) Probably because Jumeirahs enthusiastic encouragement would get anyone doing anything, but possibly also because its outside and they were alreayd wrapped up in hanging out with each other :)

Love em :)

And so I have finally repaired and finished Jumeirahs house AND Amahlis doll is done AND Jareds mat is done too!!!!! Ok yes the doll is still naked BUT today I found an awesome hidden website with the most perfect ( I hope!) pattern so fingers crossed it works!! Will hopefully show you tomorrow. And then I am done :)

For now :)

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