Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas toys/ quill painting

Only photo Jared would let me take properly on Christmas day

Cheeky monkey dressed all pretty like...

My girls

Christmas day prawns are becoming a big tradition in Australia although its a more recent one.. it takes over from the hot traditional Christmas lunch as its HOT here on Christmas Day. I am not a big fan and still did my roast veggies :) Old traditions die hard.

My pretty big girl

Im finding it strange at how fast Christmas is over... I wait all year for it, dread the shops part of it, get the tree up, pressies wrapped.. and then, in a day, its all over again. I cant help but feel a little bit sad that all that happens so quickly!
But we did have a wonderful day :)

Once the day was over, I looked over our little house at the absolute train wreck it had become. Our kids got some much stuff and its everywhere. But before I panicked, I came up with a great way to rein in these toys and bring some order and peace to our place.

I made up some of these bags that I will use for toy storage. Actually, really, I am quite brilliant because not only does each toy have a home to go to, I can get out things at different times instead of having it all out at the same time. I cut a rectangle, sewed up the sides, folded down 5cm at the top to make a casing, then threaded ribbon through it to make a drawstring. ( my brain and body cant take too much more at the moment after the pre christmas making madness). I am going to hang them on my storage cupboard so they are out of the way.

Simple Neat Easy :) and now Tidy!! And it took me just over an episode of "Ugly Betty" to make 8 of them :)

And so now that its organised I thought I would share over the next few days some of the great things we found for Christmas.

Disney Pictionary
Today we had a great game of Disney Pictionary ( $80 reduced to $20 BARGAIN) and it really is an awesome family game. We were totally beaten fair and square by Jumeirah. This game is fantastic for turn taking, team work, drawing skills, ( yeah I suck, but as my daughter told me " you are a good practiser mum") and it was a great family time for us.

Jumeirahs xylophone.. complete with mallets and a note :)

We have been very lucky that Daddy has taken a week or two of work at the moment so we have had a great time as a family... helping daddy in the garden, painting, beaching, just hanging out.

When we were cleaning up the yard, we found a great black and white feather. After I yelped for them to drop it until I washed it ( bad story involving a big feather and BODY LICE.. say no more but my kids DONT pick up feathers), we cleaned it and then found some ink to try writing with it.

We looked up on the net on Quills and how they were used. Jumeirah decided that it would have taken so much longer to write in those days.
She practised her "running"writing :)

Stay tuned this week... I am doing a give away this week to mark my 100 blog :)

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