Friday, December 18, 2009

creative brain breakdown/ reversible car mat/ doll house disaster

Jumeirahs gorgeous picture drawn from the book "Cherry loving Leila"

I have become very close with this lovely quick unpick...

I knew this moment would hit.. its been coming for days, actually weeks now.... and tonight it hit, HARD.
All my crafty abilities have come to an shattering halt. I am done. And somehow I still have to finish 3 half started projects in less than a week.
When Jumeirah and Amahlis parties were over, I felt a huge sense of achievement and relief. I had done alot for both girls ( especially the fairy party Jumeirah had) and felt as though I well and truly deserved a well earned break. Except that Christmas was three weeks away and I had already begun making things for the kids for Christmas... and so I kept going.. and going... and going. And now with a week before Christmas, not one of the projects are finished ( although all are well and truly underway) and its all not going right. Amahlis Waldorf doll is actually looking good, shes nearly done, but with all the dramas of Jumeirahs dolls clothing I am dreading what I am going to do with this ones clothes. Jumeirahs doll house was also looking good ( in my head) but once I started it I couldnt work out the pattern and so I have left it until tonight when I am at my crafty worst, and so its turned out to be the most comical of errors thing I have ever made.

This was actually nearly finished at this point and apparently these corners should meet... they are about 15cms apart and I have no idea what to do... grrr

I have had to walk away from it tonight and hopefully it will repair itself magically over night....
Last night, in procrastination of doing the doll house I did manage to almost finish Jareds car mat. The work isnt great because it was the start of me shutting down but the fabric makes up for it :)

To make it, I used a car panel ( I got it from a friend who owns a Quilting shop
and its just a single panel)and the backing fabric is awesome (its called "Tot Town" by michael miller and its here on Ebay) and really detailed, it has a repeated pattern and I got it from Spotlight. I have put quilt wadding in the middle to make it thicker and a more hardier car mat.

Back of car mat


I just need to do the border now....shouldnt take more than a night to do. JUST. NEED. TO. DO.IT.

I just want to take a break. Watch mindless night time tv. Go to bed before midnight. STOP.

One in a couple of days time, I will be able to. My kids will (hopefully) be playing happily with the things I have put so much into for them. ( Actually they will probably be playing with the plastic stuff I didnt make them.. but anyway).

Anybody have a fast remedy for my mental creative flat lining??? QUICK!?

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