Friday, January 1, 2010

toy review/ how to draw the perfect star

Happiest in water :) Actually today this little monster was only happy IN water... this was her bath.

Fairly quiet day today... everyone seems to be tired and ready for a chill kinda day. Actually all were begging from very early to go to Aunty Laurens pool :) and so we did.

Pure Joy
My kids, from very early ages, (in fact I think they were born with it)have fins, gills and a deep passion for all things watery. Jumeirah was probably the most confident at 12 months, thrashing about in the surf, absolutely screaming with delight. Both she and Jared had not great pool experiences as they got older (stupid teacher thinking it would help their fear of being under water by frequently surprise dunking them) and so both of them havent really liked the pool for a year or so. But recently, Jumeirah has developed a new love of it and is exploring her ability in the most incredible ways. She now has taught herself to somersault in the water(I kid you not, she watched me once and then decided she could do it. This kid is going to be unstoppable), today jumping in from the edge, and then decides to have a go at a dive, which left me and dad picking our jaws off the ground :)
Jared, still not as keen, found some arm bands about two weeks ago, asked me to put them on, and ventured to sit on the bog pool step with them. And then all of a sudden launches and now he powers round the pool too.

The most I got of Jumeirah for a good part of the day :)

Unfortunately, he launched off the step without them and I turned in time to see him sitting on the floor of the pool.... luckily daddy was right there for rescue (sadly for him he was fully clothed.. whoopps) but it made the others at the pool realise how quick it can happen.

Amahli is quite possibly currently rivalling her sister for the most fish like. She has ABSOLUTELY no fear and as soon as you strat counting, shes in.
We had a ball and three extremely tired children :)

This arvo, I got out this great new toy Amahli got for Christmas ( again, its really for her but the others will get a great deal of fun out of it too)
Its an Aquadoodle and its seriously one of my favourites as it takes me nothing to set it up, hardly any packing away, and still lets them create on it without mess! PERFECT!

And as we lost the proper pen that goes with it ( what a surprise) I got out a paintbrush and cup of water and let Amahli loose with it. She absolutely loved it. Jared was pretty keen as its paint free, and Jumeirah used it later for a great rocket picture.

Jumeirah also wanted to make a picture for Aunty Lauren and was having trouble drawing the stars she wanted and so I taught her an easy way to make a great star picture.

A mountain

Across diagonal

straight back

down diagonal


And of course, each section was coloured and no picture is complete without a princess :)

See you on Monday :)


  1. Ooooooooooooh love the stars, Jumeirah! And mom - I adore the new Amahli toy. Where did you find it???

  2. shop called Big W... normal department store kinda place... how cool is it??!