Thursday, December 10, 2009

christmas card part3

Probably one of the worst photos Ive taken ever, I almost deleted it. But this truly captures the love between my two precious girls. They are absolutely taken with each other in a way I hope will last forever :)

grrrr to technology... I mean really, who needs it when it wont do as you ask???

Couldnt upload any photos last night so thought I would wait until my lull in the morning ( rare, infrequent but I have found one today! yay for spongebob) and do last nights blog this morning... and I will even try and get you another one to make up for it tonight :)

In the midst of making the kids christmas cards for the swap last week, I spoke to a friend about it. Very quickly she picked up that I was just as excited about this project as my kids and wished she could join in as well. And so we thought "Why not??" and I organised an adult christmas card swap. Yesterday, instead of my afternoon 'sit/breathe/go to the toilet if you get a chance' break, I made my cards. Such a sacrifice :)
Actually it was so relaxing to sit and create whilst two slept and one created beside me, chatting when she had something to say, singing when she didnt.
I loved how these turned out. Its really simple, all I did was cut out some squares ( I dont even think they were all the same size but they were supposed to be), got my heart and christmas tree paper punches ( get them form scrapbook shops or craft suppliers) and used a small foam square ( also from craft shops) to raise the punch piece up to give it dimension.

Its easy and looks great.

Even if I do say so myself :)

do you make your own cards?? Post them up so we can have some more ideas!

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