Wednesday, December 30, 2009

early paint experiences/rock painting

Jared in his self designated "time -out" spot :)

Still trying to catch up to myself after Christmas.. only to realise tomorrow is the end of the year! Gosh will it ever slow down??
Today was still rainy but only lightly so it didnt really stop Amahli playing outside :) My little rain bird loves it.

I found this lovely little scene at some point in my cleaning/catch up/ take a breath schedule.... Two lovely little girls, one teaching, one learning, both loving and enjoying time just between the two of them.. how blessed am I.

I left out the rocks Jumeirah and I collected yesterday at the beach and also come paint and she had a great time creating with these smooth beauties. I wanted to do one too but couldnt think of what to paint and so I googled "rock painting". The voice from the bench says " just paint how you want mum, whats in your head?" and I realised there isnt enough rocks to paint whats still carrying on in there :)

And so I did what I was told and painted a non descript, no pattern/style/idea dot painting :) Which she promptly "fixed". And it was fun :)

I also got out this new paint set that is actually Amahlis but as she was asleep, the other two got to have a go first. ( its ok, she wont care.. really)

Its a stamper and paint set and its really great for new painters and painters who dont like to get messy (as with almost all the things I bought, they can be used for different purposes with different kids. And whilst this was primarily for Amahli, Jared will get lots of joy out of it too as its a more non-messy way to paint.)

I set it up and showed Jared how to use each of the implements and he replied "No Mum, I can do it a self". And so I continued on my never ending, cleaning the kitchen frenzy. And they continued with these wonderful creations :)

Jared worked out that if he twisted the top he could make it " like a worm!"

He was very excited, and showed Jumeirah who then took it that bit further (as she does) and made these jellyfish and then even further to make this awesome train scene.
It was a great experience for both of them.

We are currently trying to decide what to do with our fairy glen and veggie patch. Both seem to be growing rapidly but the flowers are being attacked by some strange bug which has turned them completely ugly, and much to my dismay, we have had worms in my tomatoes. So its off to bunnings tomorrow to find solutions..hmmmm....Everything else seems to be growing ok.. the beans are amazing and the girls particularly have loved eating them straight from the plant.

Carrots are still a little boring. Jumeirah just had to check them this morning, and then said " Mum its still tiny. I have to eat it now cos it wont go back in the ground."
Apparently it still tasted delicious :)

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