Monday, December 14, 2009

calico angels THE HEAD/HAIR

Hot days...slip and slide is getting a good workout :) We've even convinced Amahli its fun!

UGH... I feel terrible this morning... how does one end up with a cold and the feeling that someone is treading on my lungs in summer? It just doesnt feel right! Added to that is the butterfly that seems to be trapped inside my already squashed lungs that keeps fluttering his wings causing great, gross spasms of coughing to the point that I am about to lose my lungs completely... ugh....

Anyways, back to angels :)

By now you will have a lovely doll with no head. to make her head you need a square of calico about 12cm by 12cm ( notice mine isnt even square, I really do feel not very well) a small strip of calico to tie with, and some stuffing.

Roll the stuffing into a ball and place in the middle of the calico square.

Bring in all corners and pinch ot together so all stuffing is covered. Tie the small strip around the gathered calico and tie off tightly. Cut off access and turn over to see your little ones face :) You may need to manipulate the stuffing a bit to get a good shape.

Over the weekend I tried a few different ideas with the angels hair. When I was taught them years ago, we used a glue gun and attached a dried grass looking stuff to it. It was very cute, but the burns I got from the hot glue was just crazy as I tried to hold the grassy stuff against the head so it could set. I decided on another idea.
I have recently gotten totally hooked on making Waldorf dolls ( see here for Rosalina) and have almost mastered the art of hair. So I decided to make a wig for the angels as an easier and less painful option :)

I found this tutorial over at The crafty sheep on hair making and it was just fantastic.
And so this is how its done.

Start by winding the wool around a CD or book ( or a lid of a box like I have)

Dont make it too many layers, and, as the doll is rather little, it wont need to be wide either.

tape down one end on both sides ( masking tape is heaps easier to use than sticky tape but that would have meant I had to get up. Not something I was able to do at that point)

Cut the other end carefully through.


Place the wool on some baking paper and cover with another piece of baking paper and pin together all layers to stop it from slipping(with the masking tape its easier to see to sew the next bit)

Using your sewing machine, sew very slowly between the two pieces of masking tape. Go back along and down again the same line.

Once done, carefully tear away the baking paper and remove sticky tape.
And Voila!! One Wig!! :)

I attached the hair using a white thread and large needle, and did a backstitch. Being so small I didnt follow the rest of the tutorial but glued down some of the side hair to cover her head better.

Then the wishful hairdresser in me ( rotten woman wont be satisfied with cutting the kids hair, has to cut dolls hair too!) gave her a hair trim and shes done :) I did embroider a face one her ( which is different from what I did years ago, but having made a doll recently I coudnt not give this one a face)

To finish her completely, I cut a 15cm length of red ribbon and attached it with the glue gun the the back of her ( so she can hang on a christmas tree), I cut a 30 cm length of the thickest ribbon ( 5cm wide with wire in it), fold each end into the middle and glued it together to make wings and then attached that on top of the ribbone loop in the back with the glue gun,and then, with a pencil jammed in the end of the glue gun as I have completely run out and this last stick is just about finished, I glued on her head :)

FINISHED :) One christmas project done, 5 to go..... ugh.

Can someone mind my cold lurgy until I can deal with it??? Pretty please??

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