Monday, December 7, 2009

christmas cards/ stained glass art

anyone for breakfast at "Jumeirahs cafe"? This morning serving sausages, eggs and mini cabbages...

So we dived headfirst into christmas stuff today... boy, is it glittery!!
We started with our cards we are making for our christmas card swap. For this we cut the paper we made last week from marbling into christmas trees and glittered on the top. Very easy, very effective :)

I must say though, I have had a sneak peek at some others who are also making cards for the swap and I am well impressed... they are spectacular! So stoked to see happy kids and parents who are up to their elbows in glitter and paint :)

Jumeirah acutally spent most of today completing a Mosaic Kit she recieved from a friend for her birthday.Its one where you have to put tiny squares in the right Such a great idea! Not only did it keep her totally busy today, it was great for her to be able to complete something on her own and she was really proud of herself when she had done it. ( you can find these in the National geographic shop)

This afternoon, whilst Jared and Amahli had monster snoozes ( almost 3 hours!) we sat together and made a beautiful stained glass window. I printed off the template from the net then taped it onto black paper.

Then, using a terribly blunt blade, I cut around the black line ( really need a new knife me thinks).

We then then stuck contact paper onto the back and began to fill in the picture with tissue paper(this would have looked good with cellophane also).

We stuck it on the front window its beautiful :)

And then to top off a lovely day, we had the Salvation army caroling in our street.

I love christmas!!

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