Tuesday, December 8, 2009

even easier stained glass windows/cool paint for little boys

And so we put up our new little tree in our new little house :) OK so it has no decorations at the moment, but it still looks good!

Had such a great day with my little guy today... he must have caught the christmas bug cos he was actually excited to do some craft with me today! I jumped pretty quick to that request I tell you!
And so we started with a very simple stained glass window. He watched Jumeirah do hers yesterday and wanted to have a turn. I cut a tree shape out of cardboard and he then happily stuck tissue paper to the sticky side. Its a great non messy craft and the results are so effective. He was very proud of himself :)

And so, while he was full of self-crafty-love, I got him out a little wooden car I found at Spotlight on the weekend which was unpainted and he painted it. Deep in concentration he was. So much so I kept getting into trouble for talking and once for moving to the fridge :)

After rolling the wet train across my shiny clean benchtop, he asked for some paper and I gave him some cars to run through paint to zoom across the page.

And so in the space of an hour, we had completed THREE really simple but fun crafty things just for him.
So a very craftyful morning!! One happy mum, one content and satisfied little boy.
And seeing it was so hot here today, I put out the paddling pool and my happy kid increased to two happy ( and very naked) kids :)

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