Wednesday, December 23, 2009

dresses for a doll/ christmas shortbread

Jumeirahs very special Christmas present.. yesterday she got her ears pierced :) After thinking that it would be too painful to do it until she was 6 ( her words) Daddy made a passing comment " how cool would it be to go to big school with your ears done?" and that was it. And so we did, and she was brave and is now quite proud of her new pink ears :)


Finally tonight I have finished all the projects I had to do, which gives me tomorrow night to enjoy the wrapping and creating christmas magic for my three beautiful children. We are also hoping to go and look at some christmas lights in the neighbourhood so its going to be a fun night!
Needless to say, this day has been one of absolute sewing disasters as I had saved the thing I was most dreading doing till last.... Amahlis dolls dress. I CANNOT MAKE THEM, I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO MAKE THEM. On the fourth and final last ditch attempt I have constructed something that will pass in my one year olds eyes... just. These damn dresses have caused me more grief and hair loss than the whole christmas craft craziness put together, I kid you not.
These are todays disasters which I flew through whilst trying to not have my kids notice I kept disappearing from the room...

This one was from a pattern that looked great but somehow I had two pieces left over (?) and she looks like some straight choir girl... too old for my little Poppy.

This one was just hilarious as I tried to gather it in the middle... I so cannot gather.

(Yes the hip does stick out about 2 foot from the doll :) I dont know why .)

This one had potential but at the last step was missing an armhole all together ( I made this one up) so it sat too low and wouldnt stay on.

And finally one that sort of looks ok, but was too short so I had to hunt through the scraps to find two pieces that would work. Funnily enough, I used the two left over sleeve pieces from the first dress :)

This pattern I made up myself too.
I have searched and searched the internet for a simple pattern but cannot find anything. I had found one girl dress I was going to shrink but couldnt work out how to do that on the stupid printer...
SO ANYWAY! Poppy is dressed and ready to be loved :)

And so this afternoon, between dresses two and three, I realised my kids needed something fun to do and so we made shortbread christmas trees. ALL OF US :)

This is such a simple recipe of flour, vanilla, butter, and sugar that we found on the internet. Jumeirah helped to read and follow the recipe steps and put in the ingredients.

Jared helped in getting the ingredients and pouring the flour and butter.

Amahli helped with pouring and then making sure each and every available surface was covered in left over flour. She did a good job :)

Once cooked and cooled, Jumeirah iced them and couldnt even wait until they had set before eating them.

Her priceless comment that made all this christmas craziness worthwhile:

"No one has the most credible mum! You have amazing ideas, I just cant ever believe it!"

And its all worth it :)

Happy Christmas Eve eve!!

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