Tuesday, August 31, 2010

body fun

Jumeirah took this photo yesterday of me holding her butterfly wings, almost ready to attach. Look at my halo!! :)

Today we have been talking about our bodies.. Amahli is becoming increasingly aware of all the parts that make up her little body and they are hilarious to listen to in the acre as Jared tries to tell her what each part is. We had an episode in the bath last week when I heard her scream, so I rushed in to find her lifting up her belly and crying " where my penis gone?"

Today we started with this fantastic little wooden dress up doll and "how do you feel?" teddy set that I have had for years. We talked about what she should put on, what the weather was like and whether she would be cold. Did she need a hat? How about shoes? Jared wanted her to be "pretty" so he changed her pants to a skirt. Amahli gave her ballet shoes so she could dance rather than walk(who wants to walk when you can dance??).

We moved onto the teddy game and talked about how teddy felt, why he weas sad/cranky/happy... Jared thought he was sad "Cos he hungry", Amahli sympathized and cried too :)

Then I told them we were going to draw their bodies and lay them both down on two big sheets of butchers paper. I traced around their squiggling bodies ( you have to be quick, I tell ya!) and got them up to have a look. Jared has done this before so he was straight onto decorating with textas and pastels. Amahli stood staring at herself on paper. And then, " Look! Mali's head!" "Mali's foot!" "wheres Mali's button? ( belly button) and she too, began to decorate herself.

Jared wanted tshirt and shorts on ( funny that, seeing as he wont wear them today, I can barely keep any clothes on him at all!) and Amahli wanted a skirt with flowers. They drew shoes and stripes. They giggled as they tickled "themselves". They had a ball.

I love how Amahli's has a heart :)


  1. how cool is that! where do you get butcher paper from?

  2. the butchers paper can come from two places... one is a butcher!! Mine is awesome and chucks a chunk of it in when I do my shopping :)
    the other was when we moved house, the removalists gave us STACKS of it to use for packing.. I reckon if you asked REALLY nicely you could find a packing company that would let you have some :)
    let me know how you go!