Monday, August 23, 2010

sand writing/ beach play

Jumeirah gets up early Saturday morning to start her own "change the world" plan.... first start was a picture for one of my friends as Jumeirah knows that Saturday morning at work is hard for her.. I love her little " Be Happy" slogan :)

Wet cold and snuggly... thats sums up today perfectly :) We have gone back to a proper Winter and its chilly and drizzly and all my little guy wants to do is huggle me which really, suits me just fine. Little Miss is still happily playing outside in wet sand but she doesnt feel the cold (like me) and so shes blissfully unaware that really she should be inside and is enjoying her play.
I set her up with an activity that involved sand and water and would encourage prewriting skills and fine finger muscles.

In a tub, I put wet sand and spread it over the whole bottom of the tub. I then ran my finger through it to make a track and placed a marble at the top.

I encouraged Amahli to roll the marble through the sand track. Jared wasnt keen on it to start with, but once I drew him a "J" he came over and tilted the tub to make the marble roll through the J track. He wasnt here for long and once Amahli started to want to transfer the sand between the buckets I quickly put her outside :)

I started the day on a great note this morning. I set the alarm for 6.30 with the intent of going for a walk. When I woke at 6.23am I knew that today would be the start. And so of I trotted for just over an hour, in the rain ( which I love) and new shoes ( which have given me a blister so I dont currently love them). It felt good to be doing something about it!

Today I found a website that I intend to immerse myself in. Its called Shape of a mother and its full of stories and photos of all different bodies of Mums. Its something that hopefully will shake reality into me that this body I am heaving around in with its great big ceasar smile, isnt so bad.
And it will look a heck of a lot better by Christmas!

Over the weekend we some fun things. The weather was absolutely glorious and so yesterday we headed to the beach for more treasure hunting. Three funny cherubs found themselves "mobile phones" ( rocks) and perched themselves up on a rock each to "chat" to each other. Such children of the times... its really quite scary that they have never known a world without a phone attached to you at all times :)

They also hunted crabs and rock climbed while I sat and reminisced to this time last year when I wished Amahli was old enough to play with them at the beach. She is such an incredible little dare devil and is now up with them climbing and exploring and I will love watching them like this forever.


  1. Love the photos of the kids at the beach! Sounds like you had a great weekend. It is a great thing that you are walking and getting time out of the house. It is even better that it is making you feel and look great (even though we all think you are beautiful now).

  2. oh Kim I dont pay you enough :)


  3. I love that photo of your oldest with the sun shining down! Very artsy and cool! I'm quite jealous of your beachy location, if I haven't already told you that!