Thursday, August 19, 2010

Simple collage fun with a difference

Today called for Simple fun.. I feel like I have been hit by a sledgehammer whilst simultaneously had goo poured into my nose and ears and then plugged so it cant come out. Yes I am a pretty picture :)
So it had to be easy, it had to be fun but it had to look good.
Ages ago,( I dont know if i even blogged it, it was so long ago) I did this craft with Jumeirah and she loved it. Its collage but on the lid of a plastic container and its really effective ( it can also be a little messy).

I gave them each ( I had three today, a 3yr old, a 20 month old and a 14 month old) a lid of a chinese container and showed them a selection of collagey stuff. Todays mix was: Buttons, round beads, tissue paper, scrap paper, feathers and pompoms. ( if you do this, immediately get rid of the feathers and pom poms.. they cause all sorts of grief when then wont come off little fingers laced with glue. TRUST ME. There was much hand flicking to get these suckers off)

I also gave them glue I had tinted blue ( just for effect).All three of them were straight in, gluing and pasting, using tiny fingers to pluck treasures from the pile, sprinkling beads, gluing buttons and then pulling them off again... they had a ball!

Clothing was optional :)

The beauty of these tiny canvasses is that once its dried, you can punch holes in it and hang them up! They look really effective. With Jumeirahs I put magnets on the borders and sent it to mum to put on her fridge :)
Could be a good one for Fathers Day coming up next month!

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