Monday, August 23, 2010

blow pens

One of those moments... where I am torn between sitting and watching the love that pours between you two and racing and grabbing the camera so I can prove in a few years time that you two really are the best of friends :)

I got out some blow pens from the big box of goodies I got a few weeks ago that Jumeirah has been bugging me about since she saw them. I am not keen on blow pens. After doing straw blowing and having more spit and dribble come out from the straw and not much ink blowing, my stomach decided it couldnt do that craft again. I thought these might do the same thing but I was really surprised! Jumeirah got right to work, creating butterflies and dragonflies with hints of trails behind them... I loved her work and she produced heaps of them.

Then little Miss wanted a turn. I thought what the heck and gave her one pen to blow with. I am really going to have to keep up with her, for when I turned back to see what she was doing she cried " LOOK MUM! SPIDERS!" and all over her little page are tiny red spiders she created all by herself!

This activity can be done with straws and water paint but it is a bit messy and tricky for little people. Here is where we have done it before if you are game ;)

Keep you eye out for things like these blow pens... you can find treasures like this from craft shops or $2 shops sometimes. Sometimes, though it may look messy and not something your kids will be able to do, try it anyway. I am finding every single day that they are much more capable than I can keep up with :)


  1. They do look like little spiders! I have done the water paint and straw blowing with my son, but I haven't been brave enough to buy the blow pens.

  2. Blow pens are great fun! glad to see the kids all enjoying them! xo

  3. I WANT SOME OF THOSE! I tell ya Karina - if I didn't already know these kids were the cutest in the world, I'd have to say ... these kids are THE cutest in the world! That "Mali" and her spiders - I could just eat her up!