Wednesday, September 1, 2010

kadinsky circle painting

The final product: my beautiful butterfly :)


Can you believe this little blog of mine will be 1 tomorrow?? I cant believe its gone that fast! And then on the other hand, it feels like I have done so much how could I have possible fitted it all in in a year??
Anyways, give away to loyal lovelies is on its way, not in time for tomorrow but on its way nevertheless ;) You'll just have to wait :)

Today was MASSIVE. I am currently holding up my eyelids with matchsticks and trying not to pass out before I get into bed... today was the BOOK PARADE and the final crazy hours of the costume to end all costumes. But it worked and she loved it :) And to the parent who came to me and said " you make me look like a bad mum!", bite me. Shes my kid and shes totally worth it. Its only going to be a few more years that Jumeirah thinks I can do anything. Then I wont be able to do anything. So Im making the most of it :)

Will post more photos of this event tomorrow.

This activity is something we did a few days ago and it was such a fun activity and turned out better than I thought!
Kandinsky was an abstract artist of the 1900's and did a wonderful painting using circles. This activity for kids is all over the bloggy world.. we did something similar last year with cutting circles and decided to redo it with paint.

I gave Jumeirah a piece of paper with 6 circles on it ( I folded the paper to get it even) and showed her a version of Kandinskys work to show her how it looked.
This is Kandinskys version

And so she did it.

I really love the way this turned out and am currently in the process of bribing asking her to do a bigger version so I can hang it on a wall.. maybe on a canvas??
Anyways, this one is for daddy for fathers day. Hope he likes it :)

Amahli wanted to paint too, but the bad mother in me wouldn't let her ruin the watercolours so I got her her own paint. She was not impressed and cried for the "water one" so I will do something like this with her on her own tomorrow. I promise :)


  1. That is amazing! She looks so totally happy wearing it! Mumma Made It - and Mumma ROCKS!!!

  2. Her costume looks amazing (and you DO make the rest of us look bad :P ) but you now also see why the rest of us run to the nearest $2 shop when these events come least I get some sleep..... :) You are an incredible mum, and your kids will always think you are the absolute BEST mum ever! xo

  3. Wow that is brilliant bella! I bet she was the best dressed there! Well done :)

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kandinsky... so was very excited to see you use him as your inspiration!!