Wednesday, August 4, 2010

surrprise delivery/ playdough fun

I got quite a surprise this morning when the delivery man knocked on my door.. I wasnt expecting anything which made it even more exciting!

When I opened the door this is the box I was presented with... took me a few seconds to shake the confusion of recieving a Nutrimetics box when I am a Body Shop consultant (I get those boxes every other day and still they excite me.. you can smell the goodness even before you open it!). But when I opened it, it was like Christmas! A wonderful friend ( who was a church friend years ago and is now a Facebook friend. Gotta love Facebook) had sent me the most amazing package of kids crafty things, arty stuff and play things I was absolutely stunned. Its not often things like this happen, probably to any of us really! But I was so touched that she did it for me and my lovelies and the feeling of being loved has stuck with me all day :)

The strangest part of this package ( and really its kinda spun me right out) is this little tube of space play. I went to Wauchope last week and went into the Co Op there. They have some great kids stuff so I wanted to check it out. I found this tube of Space play figures and thought Jared would love it for small world play. I didnt buy it, I was $2 short, but swore I would come back and get it for him.... the box today had THE EXACT SET in it. I have never seen it before last week at Wauchope, and now I have it on my kitchen bench, sent from Sydney. My husband totally didnt get why I squealed, but its been goosebumping me all day :)

Also in this box of delight, I found three pairs of great blade-less scissors and so we had to make some playdough to hone in on those cutting skills.
They had a great time, Jared loves to cut so this was something different for him. Amahli is slowly learning how to use them, her fingers are still a little small and pudgy to hold the properly but she loved squeezing and rolling the dough out, which is great for strengthening those little finger muscles.

I also got out for Jared a proper knife and fork. My kids are still pretty much only using forks and spoons but more often now they want to try with a knife. Practising in playdough is fantastic for refining those skills needed to hold them both properly and manipulating them to work together without the distraction of the basic need to get the food to the mouth :) He really enjoyed this and pretended to cut me some cake to share.

This afternoon, I decided I wanted to help someone else have that feeling of random love. And so I too, am creating a package to send to someone randomly to pay forward the love ( I am also sending some love back but shhhh thats a secret)

I'll show you when its finished...

It doesnt take much to make someone feel loved. This world needs so much more of it. I hope that reading this inspires you to find something of yourself to send, write, or even simply say to someone else, for no reason other than you love them.

Let me know how you go :)

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  1. not so secret now :)

    So pleased it has made your day, it has made my "blue" day so much brighter after seeing your reaction! xo