Friday, August 6, 2010

rainbow friday: just for me/ big kid craft

How I love this winter weather.. today its an outside, warm enough to sit without a jumper, no breeze, I can actually feel that Vitamin D goodness soaking into me... right to the very core :)

Last week I went to a community trade party, where a woman was selling things that she buys from countries to support local trade. I was fascinated by the stories she told, of lives so different to my sheltered existence, so different from the corner of the world I live in. Lives that know prostitution just to feed their families, children that know hunger like mine will never know. Families affected by drought, famine, and diseases that only two days ago I complained at being immunised against.

I bought myself these little pieces of rainbow... not only to support a community that has now closed all the brothels as they now have a source of income to support themselves, but as reminder to be thankful for the life I have. The group is called Eden Ministry (

Now I can have rainbows whenever I feel like sticking them in my ears :) But I also am praying that for someone else in the world, they will have rainbows too.

This week, I found a sale on ( A SALE! A SALE!) at Lincraft and found the most fantastic activity for Jumeirah to try. Shes been asking me to teach her to knit for sometime now, but seeing as I DONT knit AT ALL, I thought this might satisfy.
Check out the last one!! RAINBOW WOOL :)

Its a weaving kit that makes a scarf. The kit contains a black wool weaving mat and gorgeous coloured wool for her to weave into the mat. They were $2.50 for a kit which is just fantastic! So I got a few to put away, and gave one to her to start.

She really enjoyed doing this as you can see it working straight away.

After two long rows she wanted a break, but its something that she will come back to from time to time until its finished.

I had a short go, but am leaving it for her to complete...

I havent started mine yet but its rainbow wool so its going to look awesome!
Happy Weekend!!

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  1. I love the earrings and the story behind them.

    Those scarves are going to look great.