Friday, August 13, 2010

Rainbow Friday :hairstyles that really suck!!

Ok so whilst this technically ISNT a rainbow post, the moment was a "rainbow" one :)

You know the ones.. the one that makes you smile especially when you werent expecting it... something that makes you giggle HOURS after it happens... the one you tell people about and they dont kinda get it cos they didnt see it?? Yep one of those moments... Just like seeing a rainbow ;)

So we had day Three of crappy fevers and a sick babe but in the midst of my hair pulling rant about not seeing the light of day for a week and wondering if the world is the same as when I left it a week ago, Jared comes to me. Im vacuuming ( arent I always??) and asks me to do his hair.

Me: "not right now mate, Im vacuuming"

Him: "Yeah I know! So do my hair!"

Me: (taking a breath and counting to three cos thats all I can remember today)
"Buddy, I will do it as soon as I finished"

Him: " No Mum, I'll show you" and he picks up the vacuum cleaner nozzle and sticks it on his head, grins, pulls it off his head and exclaims " See?? Its done now!"

Man, he knew just what I needed :)

And so we spent the next 20 minutes creating him some new "dos".

You like??

So now, if you have a function, need some "volume",

A wave,

A curl,

or just a smile.... find yourself a vacuum cleaner and stick it on your head :)


  1. I LOVE IT! He looks like some character in Dr. Seuss! HOW FUN!

  2. That is just so stinking cute! Now we know how men really learn how to do their hair.