Tuesday, August 3, 2010

fishing fun

Totally, TOTALLY edible you are :) xx

After the fun of the beach yesterday, Jumeirah perched herself at the bench and got busy on a project.
She drew a whole heap of fish and cut them out, then asked me to cut a fridge magnet up and she stuck it on the back.

Then, with some sticks she collected from the beach, we attached a long piece of wool and another stronger magnet, she set up her new game on the floor. She lay out a blue blanket and asked Amahli and Jared to come and have a look and she taught them her game. It was a bit complex and a few too many rules but once we had that sorted out, she and Jared played for ages in their " fishing lake".

Such a great idea and they loved it. It was great for concentration, hand eye coordination, and they we so encouraging to each other and cheered when one caught a fish.

Love this kid and her creative ideas... shes planning to take over my blog for me ;

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  1. So I just LOVE that picture of Amahli at the top. We have done an activity similar at our house, but use magnetic letters instead of fish. I think my son would like your version much better than mine. Just more fun!