Wednesday, August 11, 2010

easy craft for little people: Make a meal

Jared just comes in from the loungeroom where he is having "rest time" ( or quality spongebob squarepants time really) whilst Amahli is asleep, and says

"Mum, theres a Koala in the tree."

To which I reply, " ok mate I will come and sit with you in a minute".

His response: " No Mum, theres a Koala in the tree"

And what do you know?? There actually is :)

Well I can never be sure with him... yesterday it was a crocodile being chased by a dragon so do you blame me for being a little suspicious???

Today I have a little sick chick. I hate it when they arent well, she just wants to play, then dissolves in tears and curls up on my lap.... and there isnt much I can do....but after a dose of Nurofen she was ok for a bit and so I got out stuff for her to do really quickly.

I had cut up a whole heap of junk mail from Coles of different foods that we eat. I gave them both a paper plate and glue and off them went!

This was such a fun and simple activity. We talked about the foods we eat, what we like, what we dont like, the colours of food, things that go together ( Amahli, the clever thing that she is, found sausages, bread and sauce to glue on her plate) ( I dont recall allowing her to grow up faster than I am ready for!) and things we should try. Jared wanted scissors to trim down his apples which I let him do as well. Amahli did have a go but needs some spring loaded scissors to practise with first..

Amahlis favourite: bread, sausages and sauce. Actually if its got sauce, she'll give anything a go :)

Jared would be happy with noodles and prawns, and kiwi fruit for dessert.

Both of them did about 4 plates of food each and spent ages playing in the cut outs and making meals.
You could use the activity for so many things: cutting practise, counting, colours, pretend play.. its really limitless and loads of fun!


  1. We have used Daddy's car magazines and made a road on the paper before, but never food on paper plates. Looks like a great busy project and helps with coordination skills. :-)

    Oh, and I am so jealous about the koala. How stinking cool is that?!

  2. oh we have done the cars one.. it wasnt as popular as food!! they loved it and for once stayed to complete a whole heap of them!! And now i need to work out what to do with them... ;)

    You want a koala?? Come on over!!