Thursday, August 12, 2010

craft for little people: noodle threading

Day two of this crappy fever rubbish.. she woke up a gazillion times, in a pool of sweat and today shes either in the middle of a dose of Nurofen and shes bouncing off the walls, or shes slumped in a pile somewhere... its really awful and hoping for a better day tomorrow!!

In the midst of a "good" moment with her, I gave her and Jared a new activity. ( oh its so time for some new stuff!! I have an order on hold but have to wait till I earn a million to buy it....

This activity was so cheap and easy to do but provided such a great time for both of them.

Its noodle threading.. cut up a pool noodle ( about $2.50 from Target) with a sharp knife into small rings. Attach a piece of wool or thick thread to one noodle to stop the rest from sliding right off and VOILA! you have beginners threading!!

Such a great fine motor activity, but also the beginning of creating patterns, counting, colour recognition, and really, just generally, FUN!

Both loved this and went on the play a stacking game with the rings too.

The other thing I quickly set up as a distraction from feeling so lousy was the space set I got in my lovely surprise package last week. Now these little set are hidden everywhere... I found an awesome dog set for $2 at Coles the other day, and a sea one in Woolworths. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN! You'll spy an awesome bargain soon enough!

It isnt quite how I wanted it. I really wanted large flat sided marbles for this but they needed something and so it was the beloved stones that worked today. They both really enjoyed this new play scene, Jared with the rockets, Amahli with the space chimp :)
What bargain things have you found and been proud of lately??


  1. Those noodles are a perfect size for little fingers!

  2. I love this idea. I am going to do this one. I have more pool noodles than anyone I know with no pool. They are all for crafts and activities. You are to blame for some of this with all of your great ideas. ;-)

  3. Nice idea

  4. I love both of your ideas! My four year old would adore your space bin.