Monday, August 2, 2010

beach fun and water periscopes

Caught you... taking in the world... catching the slightest hint of sun on your face.. oblivious to me and my camera... you are an amazing little boy. Id like to freeze you know so you'd be this age forever... xxx

It seems to me that a little bird has been singing my praises in here somewhere... my traffic meter is crap and doesnt actually tell me how many people are on it but it seems I have a few more followers!! Welcome! Please feel free to let me know you've been here, I would love to know!
I have the feeling the little bird is a friend of mine over at Mom Tried It :) This great blog was the first blog that linked my humble little blog to hers and I am so grateful...I was amazed that someone with such a huge following and a great blog found mine to be great as well! Such a nice boost for me. Kim has some awesome ideas for kids as well so go check her out! Her blog was shut down for a bit but its up again now and its really great!

We seem to be fighting off a cold here in our place today... Jumeirah was feeling it yesterday and this morning so I let her have today off school. I thought that maybe a dose of Vitamin D and sea salt would cure what ails us :)

Before we went I wanted to try something out. My kids are always exploring rock pools, finding treasures in little holes, looking for crabs and starfish. Whilst its Winter ( apparently) here, it is a bit cold to venture completely in the water so I wanted to give them something they could view whats under the water without getting soaked!

I found an out of date yoghurt in the fridge ( they are the best kind haha) and washed it out. I cut off the bottom so it was open at both ends.

Using rubber bands I attached a piece of clear plastic ( this is table covering material so its a good thickness but still completely see through) over one end. And one periscope was done! I made another from a Coke bottle but the bottle wasnt heavy enough to support the bands. I then found a juice bottle and left a rim for extra sturdiness and it worked heaps better.

And we set off for the beach!

Unfortunately, ( as I knew would happen) it was really windy and also high tide, which means no rock pools. Jumeirah did have a little go with her periscope and really enjoyed being able to see closer into the underwater world, but we will have to wait until the tide goes down to really enjoy these cool little creations :)

Another of our little beach treasure hunters :)

Jumeirah found this and declared it " daddys dinner".....

Start collecting containers for it now..... or better still, ignore your yoghurt in the fridge ;)


  1. You little stinker. You did not need to write that in your post. :P

    Thanks for the love, though.

    Looks like you guys had a ton of fun at the beach and I am truly jealous!

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