Monday, August 9, 2010

shaving cream painting

Monday.... am suffering the after effects of a shocking migraine today.... feel not quite connected with myself in any way, still have pins and needles in one arm and hand.....

Which is why its so bizarre that I chose today to do shaving cream painting! But I did and it was great :)
Shaving cream is one of those messy craft things that you really need to be prepared for before you start but that is such fun that you cant NOT do it at some point in your kids adventures. I did this awhile ago and had such fun with it that I thought Amahli particularly would enjoy it.

What you need:

shaving cream ( Coles cheap and cheerful works well, dont use shaving gel, it doesnt work at all)
food colouring if you want to ( you can do t his without colour just as well)
A tub of water to wash up in afterwards
a towel

I started by putting Amahli on the chair and squirting an amount of shaving cream in front of her. I encouraged her to put her hands in which she quickly did. This stuff is such fun to play in.. its soft and smooth and very therapeutic. I use a softer voice and words like smooth, spread, round and round, slow and waves to encourage a calmer experience ( big banging hands make lots more mess.)

Amahli wanted me to add the blue food colouring and we blended it in together ( another note: food colouring will stain hands for a day or so :) )
She loved smoothing it out, drawing long lines, wavy lines, spots and even took a few prints on paper. This step you don't really need to do so much as this is much more about the process than an end result.

Jared came out and quickly turned straight back again. I stopped him and showed him some cotton buds he could use instead to draw with. He sat up and actually enjoyed it! He drew lots of things from "Willy Wonka" and showed me each part of his drawing. Hes still not keen on getting his hands in it but he still really loved drawing in this messy play activity.

Try it!! I dare you ;)


  1. My daughter's skin has been too sensitive to do this in the past, but I am hoping to try it again. I think "Little Man" would enjoy the texture of it.

  2. This is so much fun. I used to do it in my classroom on the desks as a way to practice spelling words. I've tried it with my little man, but he didn't like putting his fingers in either. Maybe I'll give the q-tip a try. I don't mind doing this on the kitchen table, it's messy at the time, but it cleans up easily and the table is super clean afterward (although the whole house does smell like shaving cream all day)

  3. I should mention that I never added the food coloring when doing it inside.

  4. hey Kim,
    this is the first time jared has participated without a glove on... the glove is great for kids who want to get into it but are sensitive to it. So maybe try a glove?? Or go the cotton bud :)

  5. hey stephanie,
    we did ours outside as we did it on a glass table and i have a hand banger so it tends to fly everywhere... i love the colouring as i can print it if i like it :) table does smell good tho!!