Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Simple printing: Toilet rolls

Tonight has been a bit quiet here... Jumeirah came home from school today feeling sad as she had had a pretty rough day. A touch of horrible children ( it happens, I know,she'll get used to it, I know that too, still hurts) not playing fair, a missing drink bottle, two paper cuts.. I had the feeling it was more than that and she handed me a note from the school that told of a little boy in second class who had died suddenly the day before. I could see that she was really feeling that, she didnt know him but she was thinking about it, and about his family and how they would feel and she was really sad about it. And so we talked a bit about life and death and how she felt and she seems to be ok.
When daddy got home, she took off with his phone to play with it and I could hear her playing with the Iphone app "ocarina". Its one where you can blow into the end and play music. Very cool and she loves it. I came to her a while later and asked what she was playing.
She told me that she was creating something to play at the "Dying Centre" ( the cemetery)for the little boy who had died. I was so touched at the thoughtfulness of this beautiful 5 year old who seems wise beyond her years, that she would think to create a gift for someone who she didnt know but that had affected her.

Today, we did a really fun thing with tweedle dee and tweedle dum with the copious amounts of toilet rolls that seem to accumulate in our place. I dont know how we go through so many but they climb the bathroom wall like a tower. Today we used some to paint :)
I bent them into a few shapes: a star, a heart and left one as a circle. I got out three colours of paint on sponges and we began.

Jared was straight in today, closely followed by a very keen Amahli who really wanted to get her hands in but I stopped her until he had done a little bit, knowing full well he'd leave as soon as it got messy.

Which he did, when she did :)

Would make great wrapping paper... wonder if I could bend it to make Christmas trees????


  1. It's a very good idea. I'll be trying it. it's amazing how he prepared the song for the child. They teach us every day new things. Lovely!

  2. I never thought about bending the ends to make shapes - you are so creative!!

  3. its amazing what you can do with a toilet roll when you are... ahem... "busy" ;)

    thanks for the comments girls!

  4. it is a very creative idea I will also try give link to yours if you dont mind.