Friday, August 27, 2010

the very hungry caterpillar costume/ rainbow playdough

Today is short and sweet, I cannot stop coughing and feel rather average and have a cosutme to make, a kitchen to clean, and need to go to bed early..... so its a quickie but a goodie ( sometimes they are just as good;) )

Today we made rainbow glittered playdough. For no other reason but that its pretty :)

I gave them patty pans, rainbow sticks and a knife and Amahli set to work making cakes and singing happy birthday over and over and over again :)

The other rainbowliscious thing I am having a slight panic over at the moment is Jumeirahs book week costume... I suggested going as Cinderella as its one of her favourite boosk and we already have that costume but she turned to me and said " But Mum, then you wouldnt have the fun of making something fantastical for me!" So thoughtful, isnt she??

And so shes going as the butterfly from the hungry caterpillar. And so this is how its going down.....
I made a pattern using cardboard and cut out a ridiculous amount of wings. Then I began to cut out circles and placing them onto the wings.

A quick dash to spotlight today, I got Vliesofix and more rainbow fabric...hoping to conquer this weekend ( well tonight really)...
Wish me luck!!

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