Monday, May 3, 2010

making car tracks: practising those cutting skills

The weekend saw us at the Laurieton Lantern Festival. We havent ever been to one of these before, and we were all a bit excited!

Laurieton is a fairly quiet coastal town, about half an hour from where we live. I have only been there a handful of times. I wasnt really sure what to expect but the bigs and me set off anyway on our night time adventure. (littlest miss and daddy arent really well so they stayed home).

I am not a fan of driving at night, but after only getting semi lost once, we made it and found somewhere to park. Unfortunately, I didnt notice the large amount of mud we parked in, and when I tried to reverse it, the wheels spun quite happily. Around and around and around. Big Miss burst into tears saying we'd be here forever, but luckily for me, some men came and helped us out. I really felt like such a girl but what else could I do? Anyways, after getting our car back out, and completely covering these nice men in nice pants with lovely mud, we headed down to the waterfront to wait for the lanterns.

And wow! They didnt dissapoint!

We had a great time cheering and waving in the complete darkness :)

Last week, Jared found a pair of scissors down the back of the lounge ( yes its a great place to keep them, dont you think?? NOT) and asked to do some cutting. I gave him some black paper to begin with. Instead of snipping around the edges as he loves to do though, I drew a line down the centre and encouraged him to cut along that so we could make a road. He was quite happy to do this and did really well.

He actually enjoyed this buit so much be asked me for another line to cut along :)

I gave him a yellow pastel to draw the lines on, then we stuck it down. We found some car stickers to stick on the road as well. He got a blue pastel and decided to make some "water" and stuck boats in the middle.

Wouldnt this be a nice drive around the lake?? Except for the large amount of police cars, it looks like the perfect Sunday drive :)


  1. I love those lanterns. How beautiful they must have been in person. That is it...I am moving. Just find my husband a job and we will be right over. :-P

  2. hooray!! how fun will that be :) it was a pretty special night... my kids just loved it.