Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Simple beach fun

Today I took the littles to the beach. I dont do it often enough which is crazy seeing as its about 7 minutes away, its free, and they love it! And whilst I am not a huge fan of sand, it was so nice to be outside and in some wonderful fresh air.

(you'll have to excuse the photos... I didnt take my camera as sometimes its nice just not having it hanging around my neck. Regretted it as soon as we arrived but luckily I had my phone. So these are phone photos :) )

Never one to miss an opportunity for some sneaky learning fun, heres what we did :)

Traced the letter "J" in the sand and then follwed each other on it, first walking, then jumping, then running. Amahli thought this was brilliant and raced around saying "a J!", squiggled with the stick in the sand and jumped on it :)

We then drew a J and found stones to copy it. This only got half done before we moved on...

Jared found a great log and so we balanced like elephants on a string along it. Amahli did the one foot up one foot down technique but Jared really liked this and tried really hard to keep his balance.

Jared found and picked up his first Blue Soldier Crab. Normally its mother earth Jumeirah who does this but as she was at school, he braved it and walked around with his little friend, showed his his choice of rock pools, introduced him to Amahli and told him all about her, before returning him the the sea.

Amahli had a ball tranferring sand from one part of the beach to the water and did this for ages.. such a funny little one to watch. She also managed to sneak in a little swim...

We watched as the sun hid behind a cloud and for just a few moments, the world went darker, alot darker :) We talked about how we have a sun in the day and the moon at night.

I turned to the left between these two photos... no we didnt have dissapearing rocks :) These two photos are EXACTLY as I took them. The dark one was quite eerie but fascinating as we could actually look at the sun.

We chased and squealed and raced till we dropped...

An awesome beach day :)

OK I know I said I was going to send out the lists for the swap today but I had a few sneakies JUST scrape in as I started to do them.. so Im finishing them now!


  1. You really make me wish I lived there! That looks like such a fun day. Glad you guys had a great time. :-)

  2. you are welcome for a visit anytime :)