Thursday, May 27, 2010

kids in the kitchen: pizza

Jumeirah is the rescuer of animals, great and small. She gets this mostly from her Nanna, Im sure. Recently it was this giant moth that kept attacking me in the kitchen... she carefully told him I wasnt his biggest fan and he'd be safer not in my kitchen :)

Ok, so I have sent all who entered in the Postcard swap an email tonight... quite a decent number of people are involved, each of you in it will get to write 9 postcards to send.. should be fun!!

Its a quick one tonight... Im am beat and in need of a shower and an early(ier) night :)
The other day, it began at 3pm...the whine, the sigh, the "I dont think I'll like that." How it started?
That dreaded question again " Whats for dinner?"

I have been trying a few new things here, nothing to spectacular, but I am seriously over Spagetti Bolognaise and I had made a few really easy slow cooker things for hubbin and I that take absolutely minimal effort and tasted divine but it wasnt getting through the stringent testing of my three littles. Well one would eat whatever she could find ( and especially floor things) but the other two were much harder to please.
And so the other night, I told them they could each pick one ingredient and we would create something new together.
At the shops, Jumeirah picked chicken and bacon, Amahli picked ham, and Jared picked pineapple and cheese. I think the bigs were hoping for my Chicken Monterey ( cooked chicken covered in BBQ sauce, sprinkled cooked bacon on top, then covered in grated cheese and popped into the oven to melt. ITS SO YUM) but I was determined to do something different,something we havent done much before.
And so we also got pizza bases and pizza sauce ( and pepperoni for daddy) and went home to make our own pizzas.

(yes they do seem very meaty pizzas but I wanted them to pick as they wished. Jumeirah would have had a complete broccoli pizza but unfortunately we forgot so I promised her next time:))

Its a known fact in our house that as soon as I have let them help in the kitchen, they have been more willing to try what they make. Jumeirah hates shop pizza so I was hoping that this easy dinner that she would make would be a hit.
I got all the toppings ready, and set it out ready to create.

They all enjoyed spreading their own toppings, Jared needing to taste everything to make sure he like it, Amahli eating most of hers before it go to the pizza, Jumeirah doubtful that she was going to like it.

We sat round the oven to watch what would happen to them and talked about things "melting".

The smell was amazing and soon enough they were ready. Surprisingly, they were inhaled AND enjoyed :)

( her face still has the remnants of another face painting session)

Oh YUM.....pineapple, bacon and smokey bbq sauce for me :)

What recipes do you cook with your kids?? Can anyone give me some more kid friendly ideas??


  1. Have you done "no grilling" shishkabobs (I have no idea how to spell that)?
    I take wood skewers and cut veggies like yellow squash, zucchini, and tomatoes. I put the veggies on along with pieces of meat. The kids love it and any food is more fun on a stick, right? It is very easy to prepare and customize for each kid. They could even build their own. You could use it as an opportunity to sneak in pattern learning, too. :-)

  2. My kids love simple chicken burritos. They get to make it themselves and usually stuff them full of veges and cheese making them pretty healthy!