Wednesday, May 12, 2010

words, letters, and sentence fun/ stickers for little ones

I've spent a bit of time like this today... curled up with one of my loves. Still not well, he humoured me with an activity and then said " Come on Mum, lets just sit". And so we did :)

Yesterday, I found some great fonts that I had bought ages ago from Letting Delights and decided to do something fun with Jared to help him with recognising the letters in his name. Lettering delights is a great website and fonts, aphabets and all sorts of cool stuff are available to try and buy. I bought heaps awhile back to use for scrapping and card making but they can be used for anything. There is also free stuf for signing up so have a look!
I typed out his name in three different fonts, cut all the letters up and then lamintated them. I made two sets so we could do this together.
We sat down and he and Amahli sorted out the letters into the three different fonts. he loved the surfboards, she loved the balloons ( my favourite is the sand castles one so we are all happy).
I picked up the J and showed him, saying " hey! this is a J like in Jared!!" ( it pays to get excited) and asked him to find the same letter. He did this and we continued through all the letters, one font set at a time.

Lots of repeating, lots of letting him take the time to find what he was looking for, then laying them out in rows so we could see have his line and my line matched.

I was thrilled that he enjoyed this, getting excited at finding each letter and matching it to mine. Makes learning fun :)

In the afternoon, Jumeirah wanted something to do so I cut some words up for her to encourage her with her sentences ( she doing a fair bit of early sentencing at school but I am finding that she sometimes struggles to think of things to write about off the top of her head.)

I gave her some cut up words to use to construct a sentence herself. I left her to it, rushing to diffuse the ticking time bomb that seems to be littlest Miss at the moment...

Jumeirah came to find me, giggling and saying "You are going to love what I wrote, Mum."

She had done this.

Smarty Pants.

And so I made it harder, giving her only two words that we together in a sentence. She had to fill in the beginning and the end of the sentence.

Again, she was able to complete this so I gave her one more challenge, two words, not consecutive, and she had to fill in the rest. With a protest of " I cant do THAT!" I started dinner and encouraged her to think about it first.

And she was able to do this one :)

Such a simple set up for this activity but it really challenged her to think about how sentences work, how words fit together, instead of just writing a sentence by stringing words together :)

Amahli got annoyed with me as I wouldnt let her help Jared so I set her up with her own activity.
This is a really fun thing to do with little ones and it keeps them busy for quite a while!
Using stickers, I asked her "wheres you foot?" and so she stuck one on her foot.

We went through quite a number of body parts and stickers and then went to admire ourselves in the mirror.
Arms and hands
For children who are still learning body parts you can say " Heres your foot!" and get them to help you put the sticker on. If they arent keen, get them to stick it on you. Its great for body part recognition as well as fine motor control as stickers can be tricky and sticky!


Cheek, forehead

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(I have become part of an affiliate program with lettering delights. I dont get paid to blog about them, but if you buys stuff from them I get a tiny percentage of that.)

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