Monday, May 24, 2010

magic beans: bringing stories to real life

A hug is two hearts wrapped in arms.

Such a busy weekend here.. but such fun :)

I have had such a great change of heart this last week.. think it comes from finding what I want to do with myself, having some goals and a great friend to kick my butt encourage me :) Thanks friend xx

Over the weekend we did lots of bits and pieces.. I finished a few more goodies for my almost ready little shop. Its something I have wanted to do for ages but needed some motivation to get started and just do it. Its a little way off yet but it should be great! Some wonderful little things to keep little minds happy and busy.
We also got to and planted out magic beans. We talked about it on Friday night and woke up fully prepared to start but it was raining and so we read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk ( from our prize from Grow with me Gifts) and also own our copy of a Jack and the beanstalk book and then waited for it to stop.

This happened late in the afternoon and as soon as it had, I had one very eager kid with a fist full of magic beans out the door... and then stop up short. " Mum if I plant these, it wont really reach the clouds will it? I dont think we need a giant around here right now." Think we will be ok, my love :)

ANd so we trotted to our ever growing patch of garden and dug some holes. Now, its nearly winter here, the days and nights are getting colder. I wasnt sure how our beans would survive the cold weather so Jumeirah suggested we save some for when we grow our "real" garden when Pa comes and that way they will have a bigger spot to grow and we can wait until it gets warmer to plant them too.
And so we planted three, "in case two dont work".

She dug holes, kissed them good luck and popped them into their cosy new homes.

We then watered them lightly as the ground was still soaked from the rain. We also checked out the progress of our "Egg plants" ( our plants we planted from our easter egg cards we made from homemade paper) and were surprised again at how they are growing!!

Tomatoes too, are taking over the world, going to find some stakes to give them a bit more direction.

Magic beans planted, we went inside for something else to do. The suggestion was face painting. Something we have done in ages and so I said yes. Now in my preschool teacher days, I was quite a whizz at face painting. Today they wanted bees and cats and I could not work out how they were supposed to look.

Jared looked like he'd been attacked with black paint, and the girls.. well I just dont know. But they loved it, as did half the shopping centre when I had to take them out and they refused to wash it off...

And to top off a great day... it starts to rain again and God gives me this little glimpse of a rainbow.. and I know that just for today.. all is well :)

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  1. :-) your posts are so fun! The rainbow is a perfect ending to the day... maybe a sign your seeds will grow perfectly!!