Tuesday, May 18, 2010

what are you thankful for? Quilted book cover

I totally dont know why, but you two were absolute hams for the camera today. It is always sitting nearby.. waiting... watching.. hoping to be clicked. Today, I caught you both, encapturing the little people you are now.
You take my breath away..... xxx

An age ago, (ok so it was only at Easter but it seems like a long time ago) I started making Jumeirah a book.The idea behind the book was for her to find something every day that she was thankful for. So often, days are rushed through without really taking the time to realise how lucky we are. I wanted her to have this time to stop and think as she was struggling at school and was having trouble finding her own little happiness at all, let alone each day.

I found a gorgeous pattern on Sew Mama Sew which was designed as a diary but thought it would be perfect to make for her own special book.

Slacker me though, I have so many UFOS ( un finished objects) in my house and brain that I started it but never finished it. But part of my new resolution was to finish all the half finished projects so I can start on more exciting things ;) And so last night, I did finish it and called it " What Im thankful for." Its not my best work, I started it in a hurry, hoping to have it finished for Easter. But still it looks ok :)

I gave it to her this morning and explained the concept, which she of course, loved. I told her we would start when she got home from school.

When she got home, she found that the postman had delivered her a special letter from her beautiful preschool teacher from last year, which excited her no end.'I know, Mum! I'm thankful for Amy". And so she drew a picture and wrote that as well.

A book like this is great for some many reasons... builds self esteem and confidence, its great as a memories book, something to look back on when things in life get tough. Its also great for writing and drawing skills and also a wonderful time for her and me to talk about the great things of the day, and also leaves her to be able to talk about things that werent so great. It doesnt need to be fancy covered like this one, a simple book with a childs drawing would be just as great. And seeing how much she got out of just doing todays one, I am going to make myself one too :)

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. Those are great pictures of the littles! I really like the idea of the book, too.