Thursday, May 13, 2010

rainbow cake :)

Cute little monkey.. even though you still are not well your love for being outdoors overcame all crabbiness :)

An outdoorsy day today.. Im really enjoying the calm but busy play of being outside.. they really enjoy having the freedom to play as they like. Plus with the beautiful weather we are having lately, we can also enjoy the sun without frying and the shade without freezing!! Its perfect :)

Moments... the above one they are both kissing, Amahlis just isnt connected to anything.

Oh this big brother.. dont ever change

sand pouring, hiding dinosaurs

Take a deep breath.. shes adding sand to my water play. Something I am trying not to interfere with as shes having a lovely time and learning about what happens to sand when its wet, but its one of those ingrained old school teachery things to not mix the play areas!! I am getting better.... slowly slowly the waldorf style of letting them have everything how ever they want it is blending with my analness for keeping things in seperate play spaces and creating a lovely even balance :)

busy bees

Dinosaurs attack my boat city

Jumeirah came home today asking if we could make the cake we were going to make for Mothers Day. We had really wanted to make a Rainbow Cake but the day got away from us so I promised her to do it later in the week... unfortunately she remembered ;)

Before Mothers Day I was looking around some other blogs and stumbled across this amazing cake recipe at The Idea Room. I called Jumeirah in and said " We should make this for your birthday" to which she replied "Why should we wait till then??" Good point, clever girl.

And so we got out all we needed to make this awesome creation. Jumeirah set it all up for me and so we began.

She helped with pouring, measuring and stirring. Jared was keen to help with colouring the mixture, and with the help of Jumeirah, he worked out which colours we needed to mix together to make green, orange and purple.

Oh yes they are bright :)

We greased to pans and poured in two of the cake tins and put them in to bake. (we could only bake two colours at a time due to pan shortage so it did take about 1 1/2 hours to make all 6 colours)

Once all layers were cooked and leveled, we put them together with a thin layer of cream to hold it together.

Oh my gosh, we had made the highest cake EVER. Ok, so from the outside it wasnt the prettiest cake, but once we cut into it the loud gasp from all three children showed me that it was the most beautiful cake on the inside.

Once made, we did attempt to cover it in chocolate icing but it didnt really go far on a cake that big, so we cut it up and ate it.

And it was good :)


  1. I saw something similar to this in a magazine. You divide the batter up and dye them, but you make cupcakes. We made them for my son's class. I used a medicine dropper to fill the cupcakes layer at a time. Cole helped, too. It was fun to squeeze the batter up and squirt it out. Since we just did one color at a time, it was easy not to get them messed up. I bet Jumeirah and Jared would love it. Just a thought. :-)

  2. We made these too... but in cupcake form, I made them for this past St. Patty's day.
    Family Fun is where I got my recipe. We made rainbow cupcakes, they had gold wrappers and white cloud icing!! So much fun, I'm doing it every year!!

  3. oh gosh that would have been easier :)

    Next time I need a rainbow, I am goig nt do it in cupcakes instead. But it was fun to do it this way ;)
    I like the St patricks day idea too!!